Community Systems Strengthening – CSS
ESERC is one of the CSOs that implemented the CSS in Enugu State. This project was funded by the Global fund through the ATM (AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria).

Period: July 2013 to March, 2014.

Project Location: Oyofo community, Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State

Goal: To generate demand for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria services at Primary and Secondary Health care facilities.

Objectives: To contribute to the restoration of public confidence in grass root health care services in Nigeria thereby reverse the decline in the utilization of PHC Facilities

Activities: Community Sensitization, Escort Service, Monitoring of daily service uptake

Indicator: Number of people referred for ATM services to Oyofo Health Centre

Challenges: during the implementation, ESERC encountered some challenges which included; Insufficient Funding, Deficiency of Health Facilities at the Health Centres hampers quality service delivery, ill-equipped DOT Centres.